All Natural Grass Fed ​Lamb Shares

We are taking reservations for 2020 lambs. We sell out, so make your reservation early!

Fill your freezer with delicious lamb by purchasing a whole or half, or quarter lamb share from us! Buying a lamb gives you control over how your lamb is raised and processed. It is a great way to try every cut of lamb available and it will not overwhelm you or your freezer. Lamb is delicious both braised in stews and curries or seasoned and grilled. Look for recipes from the Mediterranean for great ideas on how to prepare your lamb.

Our lambs are pasture raised and antibiotic-free. Our katahdin hair sheep produce mild tasting and lean lamb.





SHEEP FOR SALE (updated 12/18/2020)











(We do not own or process products at a USDA inspected facility. Therefore, FL law requires we sell animals "on the hoof". All this means is that you buy the animal or a share of it and we take it to the processor for you. For some products, FL law requires sale products to read "not for human consumption" and is sold under our feedmaster license as pet treats. Eggs are ungraded, unwashed, and fertile and sold as hatching eggs.