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Welcome to Oakvale Farm Katahdins

We raise KHSI registered Katahdin hair sheep in central Florida. Our small flock has access to pasture all year.

Our sheep are: 

  • Parasite resistant

  • Excellent mothers with twin births

  • Heat tolerant

  • Require little, if any, hoof trimming

We participate in NSIP, a program that provides genetic evaluations to accelerate improvement in desired traits. 

Our sheep are fully shedding - no shearing needed!

Management Practices:

  • Housed on pasture all year, including high parasite exposure situations - dry and transitional seasons when pasture is overgrazed

  • No parasite prevention given (such as copper bolus, supplements, etc)

  • Ewe lambs must lamb at approximately a year of age and raise a single or twins on their own

  • Ewes lamb on pasture unassisted, no jugs unless a problem is detected

  • Lambs 5+ months old and adults do not require deworming - if they do they are culled

  • Lambs needing more than 1 deworming under 5 months of age are culled

  • Deworming is only done on an as needed basis based on FAMACHA or FEC, no other medications other than Covexin 8 CDT vaccine are given

  • Lambs are offered high protein non-medicated creep feed

  • Hard keeping ewes are culled, unless they produce exceptional offspring

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