All Natural Grass Fed ​Lamb Shares

Purchasing a lamb share is a great way to try various cuts of lamb and it will not overwhelm your freezer. Please visit for delicious lamb recipes.

Our lambs are naturally pasture raised and antibiotic-free. Our katahdin hair sheep produce mild tasting and lean lamb. 

We have lamb shares available! Shares come out to $9/lb - a great savings over buying in stores - plus you are getting local, grass fed, higher quality, FRESH lamb! Shares include rib chops, loin chops, shoulder chops, sirloin chops, bone in stew, shanks, ribs, kabob cubes, ground, a few marrow bones, and a few meaty bones for broth. Our katahdin breed of lamb is mild in flavor compared to other commercially available lamb.

Whole Share $500 - 55lbs

Half Share $250 - 27lbs

Quarter Share $125 - 13lbs

Pricing includes the cost of the lamb, delivery to the processor, processing and packaging costs ($156 per lamb), and pickup from the processor. Lamb shares are double wrapped in freezer paper in small packages and deep frozen. Note: there are no roasts or leg of lamb in this order, we opted for more steaks, kabob meat, and ground this time for your summer grilling needs!

Email to reserve a share.

A whole lamb share will take just over 2 cubic feet of freezer space.


Jersey Heifer For Sale












Fancy tan and white 9 month old jersey heifer for sale. Born here on our small family farm. She is dehorned. Mostly pasture/grass/hay fed. She is open and has not been gentled or halter trained yet. We've trained some of her sisters and they only took a week to be gentled and halter trained. Vaccinations up to date.

Dam has good udder conformation, has good teat size for hand or machine milking, and produces 5-6 gallons/day being milked once daily, on hay/pasture, and a small amount of grain at milking time. Dam was purchased as a calf from organic dairy in Georgia and had a negative TB and brucellosis test with us when she was 2 years old (2017).

She is priced at $750. Serious inquiries only.
If this ad is up she is still available.






We do not own or process products at a USDA inspected facility. Therefore, FL law requires we sell animals "on the hoof". All this means is that you buy the animal or a share of it and we take it to the processor for you. For some products, FL law requires sale products to read "not for human consumption" and is sold under our feedmaster license as pet treats. Eggs are ungraded, unwashed, and fertile and sold as hatching eggs.