All Natural Grass Fed ​Lamb Shares

We sell out, so make your reservation early!

Purchasing a lamb share is a great way to try various cuts of lamb and it will not overwhelm your freezer. Please visit for delicious lamb recipes.

Our lambs are naturally pasture raised and antibiotic-free. Our katahdin hair sheep produce mild tasting and lean lamb. 

Whole or half grass fed lamb and ewe shares are available for March-April availability.

  • A whole share is average 45-50lbs and includes chops, roasts, leg of lamb, ground, ribs, and shanks. The total cost includes the price of the lamb, delivery to the processor, processing, cutting, and packaging. Each cut will be wrapped in freezer paper and frozen.

  • Lambs are under 1 year of age. Ewe shares are female animals over 1-4 years of age, which are still as mild tasting as lamb.


  • Whole Lamb Share: $330 + approx $115 processing cost

  • Whole Ewe Share: $280 + approx $115 processing cost

  • Half shares are half the cost


Exact processing cost will be calculated when lambs are picked up from the processor.


If you are interested please message me or email me at so that I can reserve a share for you!






We do not own or process products at a USDA inspected facility. Therefore, FL law requires we sell animals "on the hoof". All this means is that you buy the animal or a share of it and we take it to the processor for you. For some products, FL law requires sale products to read "not for human consumption" and is sold under our feedmaster license as pet treats. Eggs are ungraded, unwashed, and fertile and sold as hatching eggs.