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About Our Farm

We raise our katahdins on 25 acres located about 30 minutes west of Daytona Beach, Florida. We have easy access to I-75 to the west and I-95 to the east. 

Our property is a mixture of bahia pasture, oak hammock, and a small amount of marsh lakefront. The bahia grass sustains the flock during the hot, wet months of the summer and fall. During the winter and spring, cooler season grasses and shrubs are available on the higher moisture areas of the property. When needed, oat and bermuda grass hays are provided. Due to the lack of adequate protein in Florida forages, we provide high protein and energy feed to lactating ewes and young lambs.

During veterinary school, I took a special interest in small ruminants. My partner and I had goats and sheep for a while at the start. They were fun, but eventually we learned that we enjoyed the sheep that took care of themselves and worked for us, not against us! I've grown to love raising sheep, watching our flock improve over the years, watching the lambs grow, and working towards genetic advancement of the breed.

I keep meticulous records on our flock and collect data including birth weight and type, weaning, postweaning, and adult weights, fecal egg counts, notes on mothering ability, hoof care, parasite resilience, and anything else regarding health. This extensive data collection and recordkeeping over the years has allowed me to select for an extremely low maintenance, tough ewe that can excel in the extremes of our subtropical environment.

We joined NSIP this year to help improve our selection efforts for a low maintenance, hardy, highly productive flock.

Samantha Musho, DVM
Oakvale Farm Katahdins




NWT 6060 was purchased from Milledge & Roxanne Newton of Hound River Katahdins (Hahira, GA) in 2016. He is a highly parasite resistant ram, an easy keeper, and has sired many of our best ewes. He has been an integral part of developing our flock.

NSIP 6400522016NWT060

NWT 19063 has been another important ram in our flock. He has sired fast growing and parasite resistant lambs. Many of his ewe lambs have been retained in our flock. He sired OAV 1926, a top ram in the 2022 UF Ram Test, purchased by the University of Florida for their own flock. Has moved on to Jester Bee Co/Kevin Jester in Mims, FL.

NSIP 6400522019NWT063


FLE 21035 was purchased in 2023. He is a large ram with good muscling. His EBVs: top 5% for WWT (weaning weight) and PWWT (post weaning weight). He has NSIP progeny in several flocks.  

NSIP 6401492021FLE035


FLE 21071 was purchased in 2023. He carries extremely parasite resistant genetics. His EBVs: top 4% for PFEC (post weaning fecal egg count), top 10% for WFEC (weaning fecal egg count). He has NSIP progeny in several flocks. 

NSIP 6401492021FLE071

HBK 662 is a young ram that has sired numerous large framed, flashy ewes for replacements in our flock. He was purchased from Valerie Pittman at Hillbilly's Katahdins in Jacksonville, FL. He has moved on to Bonnie Doon Ranch in Ocala.

See our Facebook page for more photos.
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