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Five ewe lambs, two ram lambs, and two yearling rams are currently available as of May 25, 2023. Contact

Lambs are $400 and yearlings are $500. 

2224 Katahdin Twin Ewe, white/brown, 87lb, Sire NWT 6060

2241 Katahdin Twin Ewe, white, 87lb, Sire HBK 662

2243 Katahdin Triplet Ewe, brown, 78lb, Sire HBK 662

2251 75% Katahdin/25% Texel Twin Ewe, black, 63lb, Sire NWT 6060

2252 75% Katahdin/25% Texel Twin Ewe, white, 74lb, Sire NWT 6060

1917 Katahdin Single Ram, white/brown, yearling, Sire NWT 6060

2215 Katahdin Single Ram, white, yearling, Sire HBK 662

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