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Pastured Poultry


All of our poultry have free access to a 5 acre pasture daily. The chickens and guineas have a fan cooled coop where they sleep at night and lay eggs. The waterfowl have a 1/4 acre pond with a floating duck house to lay their eggs in.

We have a mixed flock of lavender and wheaten ameraucanas, heritage blue laced red wyandottes, heritage delawares, welsummers, and black, blue, and splash marans. Our egg colors range from blue and green to olive, light brown, and dark chocolate brown. 


We raise buff ducks, cayugas, and indian runner ducks. The buff ducks and cayugas are great heritage meat or dual purpose breeds and the indian runners are excellent heritage egg layers.


We raise french guines as well as a few fancy pied and white colored guines mixed in. We keep a small flock as for insect control. They double as the farm alarm - they are very loud when they notice something out of the ordinary, and alert everyone of it! We raise these birds for meat as well, as they are very low maintenance, hardy, and produce a delicious dark meat comparable to pheasant.


Our flock of Tolouse geese are very friendly and relatively quiet compared to other breeds of geese. They lay giant eggs throughout the spring.

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