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Our Products

We hobby farm outside of our full time jobs, so we only have a small quantity of artisan products available at any one time. Our goats are currently getting ready for kidding season, so milk and milk products will not be available until February 2017. Please see our currently availability list kept up to date on our Facebook Page (you do not need an account to view it):
You can place an order or ask questions by sending us a Facebook message or emailing us at Thanks!


We offer fresh grass fed Nubian goat milk and Jersey cow milk seasonally. We make fresh homemade ice creams from our milk in unique flavors inluding honey, rosemary, coconut, and stout. Feta, mozzarella, chevre, and many other cheeses available as well as yogurt.


Our animals have free access to pasture at all times and are supplemented with high quality hay and grain to help them build muscle while they grow. We breed katahdin and American Blackbelly sheep.

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