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Oakvale Farm's Story

Oakvale Farm is owned and operated by John & Samantha. Sam is a small animal veterinarian by day. We both have a passion for local, sustainable, fresh, humanely raised, farm to table, delicious food. Not finding the products we wanted, and having a love for animals, we started Oakvale Farm to provide food for our family and to share our harvest with others.

Our Animals 

We raise chickens and meat sheep. We are especially proud to feature Katahdin hair sheep, an exceptional breed known for their mothering ability, naturally shedding hair coats, hardiness in the Florida environment and mild taste. 

What we Believe 

At Oakvale Farm, we believe in true farm to table food that is raised naturally and humanely. All of our animals have the most comfortable lives possible, are free to range in our bahiagrass pastures, and are free to carry out their natural behaviors. Our chickens chase bugs out in the pastures all day, and take dustbaths in the soft Florida sand when they are resting.



We are in a special area of Florida. We get rain in the summer that keeps our pastures growing and in great condition to feed our animals. Yet, the land is high enough that it never gets muddy. We get windy conditions coming off of local large bodies of water most of the year that keep us cool and brings us fresh air. We compost all of our waste into fertilizer for our pastures and gardens.

Why Pastured 

  • Our animals live happy lives out in the pasture, where they have the environment to carry out all of their natural behaviors. As a result, they are happier and less stressed.

  • Studies have shown that meat and eggs from pastured livestock are healthier because they contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.


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