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With sadness, we have decided to sell our goat herd so that we can have some more free time for ourselves. For now, we will still be raising sheep and selling lamb shares.

Our goat herd is closed and CAE/TB/Brucellosis/CL negative.

Scroll down for photos. Kids are weaned.



2-G FARM OBERYN - N001785324 (1yo PB Buck) 500 (dappled/spotted brown and cream)

2-G FARM SANSA - N001785320 (1yo PB Doe) 500 (dappled/spotted shades of cream and light brown)

OAKVALE'S NORTH STAR - N001817375 (1yo PB Doe) 350 (red, black points, a few white spots)


solid brown buckling zelda x oberyn $100


10% discount for purchasing 3 or more animals. 


LGDS - 3 years old, up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea, tick, trained to electric wire, friendly, raised 100% with goats. very easy to handle. great temperaments.

Summer - Intact Female Maremma

Ghost - Neutered Male Pyr/Anatolian 

$1000 for the pair, to a good working farm home only


MVE MIllenium XC 20L Semen Tank $500




























































































































2-G FARM KHAL - N001785326 (1yo PB Buck) 500

THE MOLLY MOON - N001617719 (5yo AM Doe in milk) 250

SOUTHERN MOON HAVEN LADYATHENA - N001696589 (3yo AM Doe in milk) 500

PINEFOREST SUGAR PIE'S ISIS - N001676274 (3yo PB Doe in milk)  400

PINEFOREST SUGAR PIE'S IVORY - N001676273 (3yo PB Doe in milk) 400

JONA MOONLIGHT - N001684775 (4yo PB Doe in milk) 400

PARADISE FARMS ZELDA - N001771276 (2yo PB Doe in milk) 400

OAKVALE'S PIPPA - N001724979 (2yo AM Doe in milk) 250

OAKVALE'S PRINCESS PEACH - N001724978 (2yo AM Doe in milk) 300

6 straws Inavale Galaxy $45 each or all for $225

BLISSBERRY ISLAND IN THE SUN - N001640611 (4yo PB Buck) 700 (buckskin/black points, white belt)

ivory x sunny buckling

solid/belted bucklings 2-4mo (paige x obern, athena x sunny, peach x oberyn)  x 5 100ea

spotted buck 2mo PB (zelda x oberyn) 300 (black with white spots)

spotted does 2-3mo AM (peach x oberyn and pippa x khal) x 2 400ea (dappled/spotted shades of brown)

solid doelings 2-3moPB (moon x khal and ivory x sunny) x 2 350ea (brown with white points, brown with white belt)





  • Grass Fed ​Lamb Shares - Whole, half, or quarters can be reserved. To be processed May - August 2016. $6/lb + $90 processing fee per lamb. A whole lamb will be approximately 40lbs of cuts which will include chops, shoulder steaks, leg roasts, etc.



(We do not own or process products at a USDA inspected facility. Therefore, FL law requires we sell animals "on the hoof". All this means is that you buy the animal or a share of it and we take it to the processor for you. For some products, FL law requires sale products to read "not for human consumption" and is sold under our feedmaster license as pet treats. Eggs are ungraded and fertile, milk is raw and are sold as pet treats under our Feedmaster license.)

Both sold









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