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We raise katahdin and katahdin cross hair sheep. We have purchased an amazing ram from Hound River Farm. He is 200lb+ at 1 year of age, is wide, and very muscular. He was out of a triplet lambing and is extremely parasite resistant. We are excited to see the improvements he can make to our herd. One to two times year we will have lamb shares for sale. Click here for information on sheep management and health.


Katahdins are a hardy, hair sheep bred specifically for meat. They have natural parasite resistance, making them an excellent breed for tropical and subtropical areas. We are breeding to very stocky, fast growing triplet born registered katahdin rams from JM lines and Hound River Katahdins.


We no longer breed Blackbelly sheep. Please contact Joan Eubanks if you are interested in this breed. She has very nice Barbados Blackbelly sheep including show quality animals. She is active in helping to get this breed seen more commonly in shows/4H as well. (352) 216-4225 or Website.

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