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Our Farm



We are in a special area of Florida. We get a huge amount of rain in the summer that keeps our pastures growing and in great condition to feed our animals. Yet, the land is high enough that it never gets muddy. We get windy conditions coming off of local large bodies of water most of the year that keep us cool and brings us fresh air. We compost all of our waste into fertilizer for our pastures and gardens. Our waste also goes into raising soldier fly larvae which we use as an all natural high protein supplement for our chickens.

Our Animals 

We raise chickens, ducks, geese, dairy cows, dairy goats, meat sheep, guineas, and beef cows. We are especially proud to feature some rare and hertiage breeds of livestock such as the buff duck, indian runner ducks, french guineas, tolouse geese, blackbelly sheep, and katahdin cross sheep. In the future, we are looking into wagyu cattle and manglitsa hogs. 


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